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Lump sensation below adam's apple

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Dear Dr.
Since mid April 2010 I have had a lump sensation or a hard scraping feeling in my throat below my adams apple & just above the sternoclavicular joint. I have been to the doctor who did a CAT scan, Xrays, blood work & eventually a nasal scope (larynx type scope) Still found nothing. He even said acid refulx meds probably would not help. Are there other tests I should do? My doctor has suggested another CAT scan (although I'm not keen on more exsposure) MRI or a rigid scope done through my mouth instead of my nose. What about a barium swallow or endoscopy? Please help. I would love to attribute this to anxiety rather than have it be something serious. I am 40 yrs old & I smoke. (trying to quit!) Otherwise I am healthy.
- Respectfully, Not crazy just worried..
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