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Lump over gall bladder surgery area

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I had my gall bladder removed may/10. Since that time I have noticed swelling/lump directly over the area. It seems to be painful if I workout/swim etc.

Had it examined by 2 gastro docs and my regular doc. They all said "pretty sure it's not a hernia".

If I workout beyond normal walking, my side begins to become unbearable and the pain radiates down to my right testicle.

IF its not a hernia then could it be gas buildup? I plan on asking the doc to take a look at the area by x-ray/MRI or whatever, in hopes to narrow things down.

Because there is a visible lump there, I am thinking a hernia of some type.

Any suggestions on what it might be or to do further?
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replied January 7th, 2012
Wanted to update this thread. After a long research on the internet someone mentioned taking probiotics AND digestive enzymes. Started both and my right side doesnt hurt as much. Still going to talk to the gastro doc in 2 weeks to make sure its not a hernia.

walking has helped a great deal and not caused any pain in my side.
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replied January 18th, 2013
A year has passed. I wanted to update this thread. After searching for so long for help, a friend recommended I talk to Kelly starrett at San fransico crossfit. I spent an hour with him via Skype and he answered all of the questions that the doctors won't/can't.

One thing in particular he advised me to do was the gut smash from Jill miller. After my gall bladder & small umbilical hernia repair, I kept getting bad right side pains and it would radiate down to my groin. I started this method a few days ago. Before all of this, I had this circle around my navel area that looked like someone stuck a small plate under my skin.

After doing the gut smash for a few days, the area is smaller and my stomach is starting to look normal again.

Will it work for you? Not sure, but I can tell you what does. Seek Kelly starrett at san fransico crossfit. He saved my life.
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