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Lump on underside of tongue

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Ok. I have a lump on the underside of tongue, kind of like a fliud- filled sac, which is slowly increasing in size. About 1cm long at the moment, cylindrical.
Dentist said he's never seen anything like it.
Does anyone have ideas about what it is that I could suggest to him?
A blocked saliva gland would be nice to know, but are they on the underside of tongue?
I don't know to be honest, hoping it's not cancer or something. 20 year old non-smoker.
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First Helper MaybeParanoid

replied October 3rd, 2009
Be of good cheer as it is NOT cancer. It IS most likely a blocked salivary gland, or in medical terms, a sialocele, like you thought. See the link below to compare (it is clearly on the underside of the tongue).

From that site it says,

"Sialocele. A sialocele arises from the blockage of a salivary gland duct. The duct enlarges and forms a sac of saliva. Treatment is with surgical excision."
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