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Lump on the right Testicle.

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Im a 13 year old boy and a few days ago I felt a lump on my right testicle,I dont know whether its bad or anything,Its on the right side of my testicle it does not cause any pain but it does cause discomfort like when I lay down it gives me kinda like when you tickle your funny bone feeling.

A few days ago I didnt feel the discomfort but the lump is still there,I've been googling and I read it could be cancer? It isnt growing it cant be called pain I guess just discomfort.
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replied August 28th, 2010
Hi, depending on whether you are going through puberty or not it could be an ingrowing hair which is somewhat common and harmless or possibly a cist but the important thing is to go see your GP about it especially if it starts to grow because in the worst case scenario it is cancer then the earlier it is found the better the end result, all the best
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