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Lump on my sternum

Hi all,

I have realized two weeks ago approximately I have a hard-as-bone lump on my sternum, near to the manubrium (the upper part).

I have no pain on this lump though I am experiencing very weird chest pains recently.

I visited a traumatologist, he asked me an X-Ray image and I am going to visit him on Tuesday with the X-Ray studies report. The X-Ray image shows a small lump on top of the sternum, but is apparently completely part of it. The report does not say anything clear, just something like: "Small angle in the sternum; the finding must be correlated with the patient's history".

My question is, can something hard as bone grow recently? If yes, is there the possibility of some bone tumor growing right there? and if yes, what kind of studies or questions should I ask to the doctor in my next visit?

Thanks in advance,

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