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Lump On My Inner Thigh discomfort, on touch

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I'm 14 years old and I found this big lump on my inner right thigh. It's not been too long since I discovered it. It only hurt, well not exactly hurt but discomfort, on touch. I'm pretty sure it's not a boil. I wanna know what it is as soon as possible, or at least have some background before freaking out and bombarding into the doctor's office.
I'm going to describe it a bit, before telling you how worried I am. It's hard but tender. It has a shade of red like when you just scratch yourself really hard. It's a size of a marble or a nipple. I don't see any white spots. My thigh is big, but now it has a bump off it and it's really uncomfortable. If any of you know what it is or have similar experience, please tell me. I really hop it's not cancer or a tumor.
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replied October 10th, 2012
Im 14 as well, that happened to me too i woke up one morning with rhis big lump thing on the back of my thigh close to the knee. I went to the doctors and she says its either just a gangliem or it could be worse, i went for an ultra sound about a week or two ago and im still waiting for results, so dont worry the worst thing that could happen is surgery which i might have to get. Dont be worried it'll be fine Smile show your mom though thats what i did, and im sure she'll take you to the doctors to get it checked out Smile
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