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lump on ankle

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hi, i have a hard bone like lump under my ankle bone on my left inner ankle. it doesn't hurt all the time but if i have been on it all day it becomes painful and i can't walk on it for a while. however i have been to the doctors and they just keep giving me pain killers, it has been xrayed and they said it just a bone? and left it at that when it shouldnt be there. i don't know what to do i'm only 20 years old and it can be so painful i can't do anything on it and it just seems to get worse

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replied February 16th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Have you actually been to see an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist for an evaluation?

There is a condition called an accessory navicular. This can cause a lump in the area you describe. If someone was not used to looking at the x-rays, he may just think that it is normal.

If it is bothering you significantly, see an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist.

Good luck.
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