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lump inside nose

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my 9yr old son has a large lump on the inside of his nose (its the niddle part of the nose that the lump is on) it is blocking his nostrile. It is very painful. What would you suggest i do? or any ideas on what it could be?
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replied November 3rd, 2010
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Hi! If your son has a history of chronic sinusitis, frequent nose inflammations, or allergic rhinitis, he may have a nasal polyp.
It is a non-cancerous growth, that is a product of frequently inflamed and swollen nasal lining.
Polyps, usually, appear at the middle part of external wall of the nose, since there are located most of the sinuses openings.
In very rare cases, this lump could be a nasal meningocela.

See an ETN physician!
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