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Lump in throat with ear pain

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Hi Everyone, Hope one of you can help me: I have been having severe throat pain since 3 weeks, my doctor started me on a mild medication, after a week with no releif, I was put on Antibiotics and with severe throat pain [like a lump in throat - in the second chin] and cough and ear pain I was also given Steroids. last week my doctor increased the MG on the anibiotics and asked me to continue it for a week. the week ended, during the medication I felt ok. as soon as the medication stopped the lump is back with Ear pain. [the pain is diagonal from the Ear to the Throat]. I do not have any classic cold symptoms or fever, but lost my appetite.

I have asked for blood tests and other tests to identify this, but my doctor has said its not required. I am concenrned that even though I was on Anti biotics and even Steroids I feel the same as I was 2 weeks ago.

Can this be 'Pharangytis, Laryngitis, Epiglotis' [Terms I read on the Internet] or something else.

If anyone knows what can be please post you answer here.
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replied July 13th, 2009
Ive been experiencing almost the exact same thing.
My doctor wont prescribe me more steroids and I am in severe pain.
Is there any way you could tell me what helped you?
Thank you so much.
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replied August 11th, 2009
I have had a similar problem and can't find an answer. I have severe pain in my throat when I breathe (not when I swallow) and it hurts more when I lie down or bend over. My ears and neck hurt and eventually my teeth even hurt and throb. It usually lasts 2-3 weeks and comes back every 8-12 months. It is extremely painful. I have had every test and have been on Steroids, anti virals and need Percocet for the pain. Please let me know if you find out anything!!!
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