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Lump in stomach ?

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I feel like I have a lump in my stomach. It is not sore but I can feel it sometimes and it is uncomfortable but not feeling it all the time, mainly when sitting.

I have also been having terrible stomach camps, dioreha, temp when ever I eat foods that seem to have herbs in the. I have been narrowing this down to come to this conclusion. My stomach becomes swollan and hard, I am gassy both ends, and often feel like throwing up. My doctor gave me some gastro tablets last time and they seemed to help a bit till it passed. I feel unwell and cramps start within 20 - 30 minutes of eating herbs. As I have discovered lots of foods I like have herbs that I now seem unable to eat.

Not sure if the two are related. My main concern here is the lump like feeling. I did have lypo about 8-9 months ago. But I am told that any lumps from this should have been long gone. I am just feeling my stomach now and it is like the lump is more like muscle spasm where it tightens feels hard then goes away.

What could this be?
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First Helper Angel67

replied March 15th, 2010
WHAT WAS THE ANSWER?? I have this problem; giving me major anxiety!
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replied March 29th, 2010
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