I'm a 48 yr. old AA male with a past smoking and drinking history.
I'm at 7+ yrs. smoke free and I may very rarely drink a beer or glass of wine.
I've had problems with accidentally biting my cheek or lip while chewing.
I've on occasion banged up my gums and cheeks while brushing my teeth.

My left cheek has been sore for a while, more like a month. I attribute it to the occasional bite or careless brushing. But, I'm now concerned. I did a self-exam, and found what appear to be a pea size lump hidden in the soft tissue of my left cheek, toward the front of the mouth and it's centered between the upper and lower teeth, in the area where my teeth usually strike the soft tissue of the cheek. I also notice what may be a vein or vessel that runs almost vertical from upper portion of my mouth to the lower, and it ends right at the pea size lump. as if it's all connected. There's a little redness at the top of the "Vein or vessel" and it's located right in the path of where the upper molar strikes the soft tissue.

Advice would be very welcomed.

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replied August 8th, 2015
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You need to show Dr & dentist.
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