hi, im just concerned as i have a constant aching in my left kidney. i have had several kidney infections before, but recently i had a scan and was told they had found what looked like a stone but was a weird colour, i rang my docters who told me that the hospital had marked it has a fat lump, ive looked on the internet for information on this, should i worry about the fat lump or get a second opinion as i dont understand how fat lumps can cause discomfort or am i just panicking about nothing, many thanks gillixanne03
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replied January 16th, 2009
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Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections is a risk factor for developing a kidney infection.
When there is a obstruction to the flow of urine like kidney stones or structural abnormalities, it can serve as a focus of infection that can spread to other parts of the urinary tract.
Pain in the lower back and right around the waist, feeling as a dull ache, or as a sharp and stabbing pain, or like a feeling that somebody is punching repetitiously, is a symptom of kidney infection.
This needs to be accompanied with urination difficulties, burning, frequent urination.
If this lump is located in your kidney, and you have constant pain in your lower back, it could be something more serious, so you need definitive answers for the nature of this lump.
A kidney tumor, is usually manifested with lower back pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, bloody urine, fever and sometimes painful urination.

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