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Lump in breast, Help!

i found a small hard lump in my breast it doesnt hurt nor does it move around alot my right breast has felt tingly the past few days kinda itchy but cant seem to make it stop, the lump isnt on the skin it feels deep, am 30yrs old and also having problems getting pregnant, i am going to see a doctor in a week should i wait or should i go earlyer? my mum had cervical cancer when she was younger and iv also had cyists in my hand in the past but these really hurt and caused alot of pain, could this be just another one or something to worry about
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replied March 30th, 2011
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replied May 9th, 2012
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Are you one who wears underwire and push-up bras, well they are known to cause pain too. You should be wearing the full cup size type bras and no underwire.

From what I read, you certainly have pinched and dislocated nerves in your mid & upper back areas and they must be rest soonest. Otherwise it may get worse.
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