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lump in ankle area after softball injury

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I am a 35yr old woman, i took a line drive while playing softball to the top part of my left ankle joint area. this happened 5 weeks ago, it bruised at first with a small amount of swelling. i am now left with a lump/bulge in that area, it is tender to the touch and i can move the lump around. what could this be and should i have it looked at?
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replied September 12th, 2011
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Unfortunately, it could be several things. You do not say how big the lump is: pea size, grape, half a golf ball? But, anyways.

It could be a resolving hematoma, which has formed some fibrous tissue with in.

I very small lump could be a phlebolith.

Moderate size lump could be a ganglion cyst, or similar outpouching of the joint capsule and synovial fluid. You can also get ganglions off of tendon sheaths.

You could have also contused the periosteum of the bone severely, which has now healed with a bit of scar tissue (fibrous tissue).

There is not a lot of muscle tissue in that region, mostly it is just tendons, fascia, subcutaneous tissues, and blood vessels/nerves.

If it continues to bother you significantly, you might want to have an orthopedic surgeon take a look at it. You may even need some studies (x-rays, MRI) to tell exactly what is going on. Good luck.
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replied April 14th, 2012
i have a peas sized bone consistancy fromation under my ankle and it is more painful than the delayed union fib i recieved on the 19th of i did partial wb for ten mins and i certainly know about in that area but not in the brake area...a scan was taken but when i asked if there was any tendon ect damage cos of the burning and jabbing pain i was experiencing,this was 2 weeks agon.. and was told only looking at the delayed union..bout 20 percent union at that time showed another cast given..
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