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Lump floating in Scrotum region

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My boyfriend, age 31, has a large growth/lump in his scrotum. The lump is about 1-2 inches. When there is sexual activity involved, the lump travels on his right side from his testicles to his groin. When the lump moves up into his groin area he pushes on it to move back down... towards his testicles. Sometimes he has to push down on both, left and right, sides of his groin/testicle area, to keep the lump in his scrotum/testicle region.

I believe when the lump is in the groin region he cannot ejaculate. Which is one of the reason's he has to push it back down towards his testicles.

What could this be?

He has several lumps on his body, including his rib cage/chest area. I asked him about the lumps sticking out of his upper body; he called them "growths". The doctor told him they are not cancerous, they are just "growths" he said.

When I tried asking about the 2-inch "growth" floating around his testicles he said:
"That's what makes it feel good." - He said.

I am very concerned.

What could a 2-inch lump, moving around the male's genital area be? Is this Cancer?

Thank You.
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replied November 5th, 2009
I wouldn't suspect cancer, the lump would be stuck to the testicle, but I ask you this, why not just go to a doctor? they don't bite, they take things like this very very seriously and are always great about things like this. It sounds like a large cyst, but sounds bizzarre if it's floating around. Simple answer is just go to the doctor, because they have the answers to things that worry us. Seriously just go to the docs, he'll be in and out before you know it.
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