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lump below left ear

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Hi I just noticed this lump under my left ear and was kinda freaked out bout it and dont know what it is.
its kinda hard but it hasnt been there long at all I would have noticed it. it just appeared and it kinda on the back of my jaw and when I touch or put pressure on it, it starts to hurt.

Id go to the doctor but I dont have insurance. please lemme know what it can be.

thank you.
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replied March 25th, 2009
If the lump is under/behind the ear lobe it could be a swollen lymph node. When they appear it means your body is fighting an infection, cold, allergies... Don't poke at it or you'll just make it sorer. If you have been feeling a little under the weather this could confirm that it's a swollen lymph node. It should go away when you get to feeling better, within a week or so.
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