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Lump attached to right testicle

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Around 18 months ago I noticed I had a lump sort of attached or connected to 1 of my testicles and stupidly convinced myself it's nothing and therefore done nothing about it until last week when my girlfriend noticed it.

The lump appears to be attached to the epidermis tubing (but not sure), is like a pea in both shape and size, it's fairly movable but cannot be completely seperated from the testicle. The lump isn't painful but if forcefully touched I get a dull pain for a minute or two.

I had an appointment with my doctor today and after her examination, I'm really not sure what to think. The good news is she think's it's highly unlikely to be cancerous as I've had it for so long without problems or it growing in size etc, however she had little idea what it could be and made arrangements for me to have an 'urgent scan' at the hospital (urgent being sometime in the next 2 weeks). The only thing she could say for certain was that the lump was not part of the testicle but it was connected in some way.

I just wondered if anybody could shed any light on what possibly could be the problem. I know I'll only know for certain after having the scan and getting the results but god knows how long that's going to take.

Thanks in advance.
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