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Lump above pubic bone, I can push it in but it slowly...

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I have a lump that comes and goes and always appears on the right side of my pubic bone. There isn't any pain but there is a constant pressure and the pressure gets worse when it appears. It is about the size of a bouncy ball.

The lump bulges out and I can push it back in but it slowly protrudes back out. The pressure is even worse when I cough and makes it larger, even when i am trying to push out feces when I'm using the toilet, it increases in size. I have had it since I was little and it appears irregularly for different amounts of time.

Please, if anyone knows what it is or has something similar please tell me. Also, if it is serious or not. I've had it for years (I am 22 years old now). I mean, it isn't causing much pain, only stings sometimes (rarely).

Thank you.
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replied February 24th, 2013
Protruding lump left pubic
I have had literally the same exact thing you described, except for mine appears on the left, and I have also had it for a few years, I am 21. I was thinking mine could be a hernia but like yours mine appears then goes away it doesn't really hurt other than I can feel it and sometimes it is uncomfortable. Also similar to your symptoms mine protrudes more when I cough.
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