The more I read about LPR, the more I feel utterly depressed. If I have one fear in life, it's having a lifelong disease, especially one as horrible as LPR. I've been trying everything possible to fix it, but it just keeps going and nothing I can do can even slightly relieve it at present, except for a single medication (see below). I experience:

- Mucus in the throat after eating anything. That means a lot of throat-clearing.
- Burning in my throat, even after drinking ALKALINE water (Saka brand, pH 8 . 2 with a little B.Soda added to make it 8.Cool. Even my own saliva makes it worse..!
- Constant belching and gas stuck in my throat if I so much as stand up. The gas also causes burning.
- Lump in throat feeling, but not every day.
- Absolute anxiety, made worse by SSRIs and CBT.

I've tried the following to counter it:

- Alkaline water, and water with baking soda when this isn't available.
- Manuka Honey
- Koufman's Reflux Diet for 4 months, but even foods in the induction list make me worse.
- Nasal sprays for the mucus; no effect.
- 3 different PPIs, 2 H2 Blockers and Gaviscon Advance in both liquid and tablet form. The only one that helps slightly is Cimetidine, but it can only stop the burning throat temporarily.
- CBT/Hypnotherapy for anxiety; Hypnotherapy only worked while I was in the session itself.
- Excercise, volunteering and new hobbies to take my mind off things. Nope, still bad.

Finally a few tests I've taken and things about my body:

- Peptest saliva test; showed a very low result in only 1 test of 3. It's possible that might have been natural reflux, but I wish all 3 had come back clear...
- Endoscopy/Barium; nothing of course.
- I am only 22, and very skinny so weight loss won't help, although it is currently happening in my despairs. My diet has never been out-of-proportion unhealthy, but I do suffer anxiety due to Aspergers Syndrome.

When I walk through the town streets, I see people binging on junk food or enjoying sweet treats, and I feel like falling on my knees and bursting into tears then and there. How do people like them get away with it? Nobody in my family believes me - even my GP thinks the Peptest results are a hoax, and that LPR doesn't exist. I'm awaiting a 24 Hour Test from an ENT, but what if I get the wrong test or no reflux happens on the day? I have so many worries right now, I don't know how I'm making it through each day without throttling myself to end the pains. What depresses me even more is that a H2 Blocker - WEAKER THAN A PPI - is working, which means it MUST be a real disease right?

I spend every day wondering how bad I'm going to feel, and why some things make me burn when others don't. I've desperately tried to prove if it's anxiety but I just can't do it. Every post I read online says I'm doomed to suffer all my life, without improvement. I can't go on like this. Someone either needs to cure me or kill me...
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replied August 7th, 2013
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HI OrangeLightning,
Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time.

PPIs are better than H2 blockers - but you have to get the dose right. 20mg omeprazole (e.g. prilosec) is considered the standard maintenance dose but 40mg high dose is also used by many. Some may even be prescribed 80mg. (Often OTC may only be 10mg).
Esomeprazole (Nexium) and rabeprazole (Aciphex) are similar doses.
Lansoprazole (eg Prevacid) and dexlansoprazole (Dexilant / Kapidex) equivalent is 30mg.
Pantoprazole (eg Protonix) equivalent is 40mg.

The other remedies you have tried are best considered complimentary therapies rather than alternatives.

Reflux starts from the stomach where excess acid is created. PPIs are the best way of reducing the acid. However, they do not reduce the reflux.
Any stomach contents may reflux back through a weak Lower Esophageal Sphincter into the esophagus. Continuing upwards it may also breach the upper esophageal sphincter and be aspirated into throat, mouth, nose and lungs. This is often referred to as LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux (LPR) - and it is a very real condition - though strictly speaking not a disease.

You need to concentrate on how you can reduce the reflux. Do not overfill your stomach or compress it.
Eat little and often.
Lose weight if necessary.
Avoid tight clothing.
Avoid exercises that scrunch the stomach after food.
Avoid drugs that relax the LES - including caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.
Do not eat for at least 3 hours before going to bed.
Raise the head of the bed by 6 to 8 inches.

If you are unable to control your reflux, you may have to consider surgery. A fundoplication is still considered the best but can come undone a few years down the line. (I had Laparascopic Nissen Fundoplication over 4 years ago. Unfortunately, following a particularly violent episode of Norovirus, my wrap has come undone and I have started the process that will eventually lead to having it redone in a few months. Meanwhile, I am experiencing the reflux cough and mucus etc again. It's not nice.)
Newer treatments are available (including LINX which Dolly Parton reputedly received recently) but long term results aren't available yet.

And keep a food diary to identify which foods cause you the greatest problem - and avoid them. We are all different so you will need to discover this for yourself. But animal fats are usually the worst. Not dissolving in acid, they sit in your stomach longer being churned and sprayed with more acid that is not neutralized.

Persevere with getting your medication and lifestyle right and you will learn how to manage your condition.

All the best
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replied October 7th, 2017

I too believe I have Silent Reflux. I've been sick for a year. Meds don't help at all. I went to an ENT and he immediately said Reflux and sent me to gastro. They did CT with Iodine, my heart was enlargedoing and I had nodules on my lung. Soo, I've been jumping thru hoops trying to get the diagnosis from gastro.

I'm at my wwits end, I too have contemplated suicide. I have PTSD from being a first responder. My Reflex is so bad I can b work.

I'm depressed and gained 30pds because I'm depressed. I've never been over weight in my life always fit.

I'm tired, feeling no end in sight. I wish doctors would move along faster. I often wonder how many people have actually committed suicide from this torture.

I got married just over a year ago, marriage is at a critical point.

I'm tired of waiting. Umbrella do depressed, so homless I need help now, not next month, next year oround even next week.

I don't know if I can hang on much longer.

I saw that there is surgery to help, but again I wait.

I'm just up late again because I'm miserable and depressed. I'd check myself into a mental health facility right now, but they won't take me. Ido cough and gag making help impossible.

I just needed an ear, I hope anyone out there understands and if going thru the same thing maybe we can hold each other up. I'm literally dYing inside.

I hope those that have found relif, enjoy it, you likely suffered like me too.

Any advice eould be gladly taken.

I'd put up my picture for th er profile, but I'm exhausted and will try to do so soon.

Thanks for listening.

Hanging on by a thread.

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replied January 2nd, 2019
I have read people posting that LPR is caused by anxiety and acidic foods and other things.

In 2016 I had LPR so bad I came close to shooting myself in the head. Anxiety, stress, and acidic foods are only a piece of the problem. The main culprit is a chemical called Azodicarbonamide. I suggest you guys research this chemical. It is put into about 50% of our foods and once it hits critical mass in your body you end up with LPR symptoms and it takes months or longer to get out of your system. It also listed as "dough conditioner." This chemical is used to make plastics, yoga mats, shoes, tires, etc, and the !**@! are putting it in our food, because it makes breads last longer and stay fresher longer.
My God, I shouldn't be able to keep a loaf of bread 3 months! The organic stuff with just flour and water lasts about 3 or 4 days. This chemical is starting to be banned all around the world, but the FDA is totally fine with it. I too got on a low acid diet, which did help, but it isn't the acid that is the problem. It is put in just about all breads and bread products sold in the US. This chemical also can cause neurological damage, which could be partly responsible for the anxiety.

Symptoms included:

Excessive throat clearing
A never ending cycle of asthma and misery.

99% of doctors have no clue about any of this stuff. I finally figured out what causes LPR. Look up Azo poisoning and you will find that all of the symptoms look like LPR, and the reason for this is because Azo is the culprit that causes this. The acid thing doesn't help it either, but the acid is not the problem, or a poorly working sphynctor. You have all been poisoned.
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replied January 31st, 2019
I have exactly the same problem it is ruining my life literally my whole body hurts and just about gave up until I tried taking a Omeprazole and a amphi staminate allergy tablet at the same time it helps quite alot
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