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lower right back pain after walking
colinb15  615 views
Last post: 02-05-2014 05:20am
I Have a L4 L5 Ruptured Disc, What Should I Do? No new posts
cannonmw  116526 views
Last post: 02-03-2014 11:18am
Bone Growth Stimulator--never removed
meganCS  2161 views
Last post: 02-02-2014 09:15am
help with spondylolysis and herniated disc
Mapo_69  497 views
Last post: 02-02-2014 04:55am
Pain in right side under shoulder blade and ribs.
camox  944 views
Last post: 01-31-2014 02:20am
Active Sitting?
Margaret_Ho  473 views
Last post: 01-30-2014 07:08am
problem above and below my rods
Clutch420  379 views
Last post: 01-29-2014 10:35am
Lower back pain, Semi Normal MRI/CT Scan
Charles555nc  599 views
Last post: 01-28-2014 18:51pm
Upper right back problem shoulder blade area...
bimmerfan14  484 views
Last post: 01-27-2014 03:37am
**epidural caused back pain**
Matthew899  616 views
Last post: 01-22-2014 16:00pm
Sciatica Pain unrelated to Spine bifida
coke21  1020 views
Last post: 01-20-2014 00:08am
For Those Suffering In Pain!
micrel  1302 views
Last post: 01-18-2014 21:22pm
Isle of Man Cervical Spine Injury
grahammolyneux  502 views
Last post: 01-17-2014 12:48pm
MRI Images
grahammolyneux  497 views
Last post: 01-17-2014 12:21pm
chronic pain stenosis ,scoliosis and sciatica
Mandy830  660 views
Last post: 01-16-2014 05:46am
L3, L4, and L5 are bulging. Chiro suggests 6 months therapy
jonnify  492 views
Last post: 01-15-2014 19:36pm
Lower back pain whick is so bad i cant walk or sit without p
michele64  724 views
Last post: 01-14-2014 06:21am
Lumbosacral spine MRI without IV contrast
dukevah  566 views
Last post: 01-13-2014 22:01pm
Low back injury, sacroiliac joint pain, Referred pain??
Kimbercup  819 views
Last post: 01-13-2014 09:02am
L5S1 herniated disc at 20 yo, pain so bad i cant move
AmandaBrown  823 views
Last post: 01-10-2014 20:45pm
Transforminal Nerve Block injections Lumbar with sedation ?
Fluffypurrcat  639 views
Last post: 01-07-2014 22:03pm
Lower back pain, L5/S1 pinched nerves
memory29  754 views
Last post: 01-06-2014 10:49am
Under Shoulder blade / back pain constant with spikes
gowkrish  1425 views
Last post: 01-06-2014 03:28am
disc hernation of the l-4 l-5 surgery
philly  11228 views
Last post: 01-05-2014 23:51pm
Upper back pain after bike accident
ironyisoverr...  3317 views
Last post: 01-04-2014 23:03pm
MRI Interpretation of Lumbar Please in Layman's Terms.
Fluffypurrcat  1596 views
Last post: 01-04-2014 20:28pm
Continuous pain in left backk him shooting down to toes
louayshih  624 views
Last post: 01-04-2014 03:03am
Husband with two herniated disks, fainting, leg pain...options?
countrygirld...  919 views
Last post: 01-04-2014 01:04am
Degenerative disc / joint disease with mild stenosis
backgirl1  1024 views
Last post: 01-02-2014 07:28am
Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure No new posts
f251192  30808 views
Last post: 01-02-2014 03:13am
Recovering from spinal laminectomy
griffax42  1947 views
Last post: 01-02-2014 02:55am
Different MRI and CT scan results...frustrated and still in pain
genar73  424 views
Last post: 01-02-2014 02:38am
L5/S1 fracture
illicit  23788 views
Last post: 12-31-2013 15:06pm
Harrington rods 17 years later 3 accidents
Clutch420  480 views
Last post: 12-30-2013 18:47pm
MRI what does all this mean and how will i be treated
SCRILLA  514 views
Last post: 12-28-2013 00:25am
MRI - can someone translate?
SCRILLA  528 views
Last post: 12-28-2013 00:22am
Lumbar swelling, bruising, & pain w/ no apparent trauma?
sparklespine  749 views
Last post: 12-26-2013 05:14am
1nsomni4  16333 views
Last post: 12-26-2013 05:12am
Bones stick out in the upper part of my Back.
alejandro93  2583 views
Last post: 12-23-2013 13:56pm
Thoracic MRI results
Cody1b  807 views
Last post: 12-23-2013 12:58pm
Back pain slipped disc?
akshit_genie  558 views
Last post: 12-23-2013 05:47am
Degenerative Disc Disease above and below the fusion
anneodonnell  2178 views
Last post: 12-22-2013 01:59am
MRI of Cspine? Multilevel degenerative changes...
ab1988  654 views
Last post: 12-21-2013 19:52pm
Cervical spine issues, don't see neurosurgeon for 2 more mos
ab1988  547 views
Last post: 12-21-2013 13:27pm
shooting pain down left leg
ashoverman  30970 views
Last post: 12-20-2013 05:05am
What is causing my lower back pain when I sit? MRI was negative
reezy  560 views
Last post: 12-19-2013 06:52am
Please explain the cervical MRI observations in Layman terms...
viki1  342 views
Last post: 12-15-2013 01:51am
Lower back pain and crooked torso.
MetalMatt  1446 views
Last post: 12-14-2013 05:17am
What does all of this on my MRI report mean
missmelissam...  366 views
Last post: 12-12-2013 00:28am
what i can do to get taht vertebrae back in place?
Dillonvl  480 views
Last post: 12-11-2013 21:18pm
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