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Lower stomach pains and bleeding

Please help me!
I am so scared that I might me pregnant! Me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time 3 days ago and he was my first. I am 15, we used a condom but he aid it broke and he quickly pulled out and he didn't cum inside me, but pre-cum I don't really know. We stopped immediately afterwards and I was bleeding. Now yesterday I took plan b and like 6 and I threw up at 8. So I don't know if it worked or not? I'm so scared I'm never doing this again until I'm on the pill and older. I got off my period January 4 so I have no idea if I am or not. Please help me, this can not happen!
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replied January 10th, 2016
And! Sometimes when I go to pee and I wipe blood still comes out
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