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lower back rib cage pain

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I have had a pain in mylower back right at the bottom of my rib cage. When I first started, it was very painful and radiated around to the front and up under my breastbone and got to a point where I couldn't breath in all the way. The Dr. I was seeing at the time thought it was my heart and did all kinds of tests for that but wouldn't listen that it was coming from my back. The acute pain subsided but it is still there and painful to the touch. I was doing yoga and when we went into the child position, I couldn't breath in. I have mentioned this to the current Dr. I go to but he doesn't seem to understand how much it bothers me either. He wanted me to go to a chiropractor. #1 I don't believe in them and #2, I'm afraid that it's something serious and would like to have at least an MRI or ultrasound of the area. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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replied February 3rd, 2015
rib pain in back
Did you ever find out about the pain at the bottom of your rib cage in back? I have had the same pain; first on the right, and now on the left....Dr. thought I had a rib out of place....Thanks for a reply.! Pamela
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