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Lower back popping/grinding + dull ache surrounding muscle

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Hi everyone,

I have had lower back pain, specifically on my left side, just above my sacrum for almost a year.
The pain is mostly caused by the ligament or whatever it is clicking/popping, grinding and sometimes "thudding". The clicking is different to someone cracking their knuckles and it isn't on purpose. E.g. certain movements such as bending forward, to the side, or if I take a large step or lift my right leg up it will pop then. The surrounding muscle aches which I assume is because its trying to overcompensate. When I've been sitting for some time or wake up in the morning its the worst so I've been thinking of getting a memory foam mattress to help.

I have been to see a doctor who referred me to a physiotherapist. I have been to see the therapist 5 times over the last few months and he has given me massages and I have followed his stretching exercises and am using tennis balls while laying on the floor to massage the area however I have seen no improvements. When I first went to see the doctor I was referred to have CT scan and frustratingly the scan came back normal so was unable to have a cortisone injection to help with the pain or provide a diagnosis. I went back to the doctor yesterday and he told me there's nothing they can do so it has gotten me down as I'm only 26 and to be told that is quite disheartening and I feel like I've been living with long enough.

Is anyone able to give any advice on what I can do for this?

Also to provide some background, I'm in good shape, do daily moderate exercise (e.g core exercises, planks, squats etc), which also makes it click. I used to be a ballet dancer up until a few years ago and my back was incredibly flexible so would do some crazy bends, etc I don't know if that has to do with it because I've stopped using it in this way and have started an office job. My mother also has scoliosis.

Please help as I feel at a loss!
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