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Lower back pain when moving certain ways

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Since sunday I have been getting pain in my lower right back, it's definetely inside and not anything on skin/bruises etc. Though it feels like lower back pain, when I tap/hit my back lightly it feels more towards the middle right.

I drank quite a bit of alchohol and smoked on the weekend, I dont usually smoke but drink every couple of weeks.

It's not a pain that comes and go, where as it's more where I move around, like run down the stairs, or bend over to pick up something. If I sit still I dont usually feel any pains at all.

I've never had any kidney problems, but have drank a lot over the years, i'm 21 years old fairly healthy male.

Also I should mention I started doing weights again last week, but I dont think it would make my lower right back sore. My biceps and chest were really sore for a few days (As they get after working out)

Is this anything to worry about?
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replied September 2nd, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
sounds like a bit of muscle strain. i'd go easy for two weeks and if you still have it see your pc doc.....pete
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replied March 7th, 2011
You can get a fare idea by talking to some specialist before going for any prescription. Back pains are never to ignore, however least these are. it can be hurting later. also you are looking an exercise lover so you should try inversion machine too for permanent relief.
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