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Lower back pain/swelling after accident

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Hi! I am a 45 year old female. I was a rear seat passenger in a vehicle that was hit in the back by a larger vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The car I was in was stopped at a light, and was totaled. This happened in the early afternoon of March 29, 2013, so just over 7 weeks ago.

My lower back was hit by whatever was in the trunk. I had a huge bruise that covered most of the middle of my lower back. I had a negative xray the night of the accident, before most of the bruising showed up. My lower back still is causing quite a bit of discomfort, though I don't have typical neurologic symptoms (such as pain radiating down my leg or numbness in my lower limbs). I have like a bubble of swelling, covering a pretty large area in the center of my lower back just above my tailbone. I have seen my PCP about it, and he is worried about "overdiagnosing" me. Yesterday he also checked my urine, which tested positive for blood, negative for infection. There is no reason that I am aware of for having blood in my urine.

Here's my question: should I be worried that my physician is underdiagnosing me while he is worried about overdiagnosing me? His plan is to check back in 4 more weeks! It's already been a significant amount of time, in my opinion. I haven't had any other tests, other than the negative xray the night of the accident and the urine culture yesterday.

Thanks in advance for your opinion!!
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