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Lower back pain (right side) caused by walking

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I have, for as long as I can remember (that means, starting at the time I was 12 or 13, if not earlier) suffered from lower back pain on the right side brought on by walking, standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time. At least, originally it was only brought on by performing one of these activities for a prolonged period, and therefore, until recently, was not a major problem. Nowadays though the pain often occurs within 10 or 20 minutes after I start walking. Up until yesterday, the pain also dissipated within about an hour once I stopped walking/standing, however now the pain has been constant since yesterday afternoon. Moreover, the pain has also become more intense over the years and occurs just about every time I walk. The problem is not age related - I am only 23. Your suggestions for what the cause may be and/or possible treatments would be greatly appreciated. As a side note, I also experience severe, sometimes debilitating back pain during the first couple days of my period. Maybe there is a connection/common cause?
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replied August 30th, 2012
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You have a muscles imbalance which is pulling your back out of alignment. Walking involves extending your leg so probably one of your hip flexors is tight.

To stretch your hips:
1a) "KNEELING LUNGE STRETCH" (Do a Google search)
1b) "STANDING LUNGE STRETCH" (Do a Google search)
- Front leg up on a step of chair will give a better front-of-hip stretch.

You will probably find one hip is tighter than the other.


a) Sit at the edge of a low step so your thighs are parallel to the ground.
b) Wrap a belt or Yoga strap around your thighs just ABOVE your knees.
c) Press outwards against the strap for 2 seconds. Repeat 20 times.
- Let your abs relax and your hips rotate forwards, putting an arch into your lower back.

3) "STANDING WINDMILL" (Do a Google search)
Stand with your back against the wall.
a) First shift your torso to the side, THEN bend to that side.
b) Bend left / right with your feet at 3 different widths: shoulder width -then wider -then wider still.
c) Make sure you bend just as far to the right as to the left.
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