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Lower Back Pain and Tightness

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Hey I'm 21 years old and I have some tightness and mild pain in my lower back. Also I have had some tightness and pressure in my both left and right lower side (is that normal?), I had this problem back in May and I went to my family doctor and he gave me some anti-inflammatory meds and the problem was alleviated. It's now earlier August and I have had the same problem. I think it's because of my generally poor posture and I tend to slouch when I sit. My doctor also said I have tight hamstrings and that is caused a lot of my problems. I have started a stretching regiment and that has seemed to help a little. I was just wondering where I should go from here? Also I would consider myself in fair to good shape I'm somewhat active and a little overweight but I have lost weight. I'm currently 5' 10" 210lbs.
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replied August 4th, 2010
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i would continue stretching and lose weight if possible. if you start to get tingling, numbness or shooting pain in legs have your gp refer you to spine surgeon specialist....good luck....pete
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