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Lower back pain and headaches

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Hi I had my period on the 26 of Jan and finished on the 28th usually when I finished my period I will still bleed small amount for another two days or so. Me and my b/f had sex on the 28th and he came inside then I stop bleeding and then had sex again for another two days miss one day then again but he came inside, my period is normal sometimes but it only for 3days. Right after that Ive been having lower back pain and headaches on and off and my abdominal hurts well it goes on and off especially my left side. But my lower back is painful I don't have this right after my period I usually get all this pain before my period and sometimes I can feel my tits hurts but it jut go away. It has almost been two weeks since my period and I am having this pain. Am I pregnant I don't mind having a baby but I just want to know what is wrong with me.....

thank you for your help
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replied May 10th, 2009
Lower back pain and headaches reply
Hi Zaya im in the same boat as you. I was wonder did you ever find out whats the problem
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