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Lower back/hip clicking?

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Hi all...

For the last two years or so I have noticed that something in the area between the base of my spine and my right hip area seems to click when I stand up. It hurts a little but it isn't extremely painful but it is very uncomfortable and worrying. From experience I know that if it doesn't "complete" the click, I will be in for some major back pain and hindered mobility.

I've noticed that this problem flares up a lot whenever I stand up for too long, especially if it involves leaning over something, for example - while cooking/washing up. It's starting to be a concern to me now as I'm struggling with this every day that I use my kitchen/clean/vacuum/lift objects etc. I've never had this problem prior to 2010, I was literally strong as an ox but the strength/stability of my back has really declined. I've actually had several bouts of what the doctors assumed to be a prolapsed disc/trapped nerve which actually stops me from being able to do anything, even down to using the bathroom/walking/standing up straight for weeks at a time. Due to my job/lifestyle I can't afford for this to happen and it's becoming a big concern due to the regularity.

Personally, I believe this all started when I was involved in a rear impact car accident in early 2010. My back hasn't been right since and I did suffer whiplash which was treated but I still suffer with a lot of muscular type pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulder blade/rib area when standing for any length of time. I have a feeling the muscle issues in my upper back might be effecting my lower back too, but I don't know for sure.

So, I'm just curious if....
A) anyone knows what might be the problem that's causing my back to click like this and if there is a way to cure it
B) if anyone thinks it could all be connected to the accident I had. Since all this began to happen shortly after it (and has gotten worse and worse since) I do wonder if it's long term damage/complications from the originally impact/injury.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading!
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replied October 16th, 2012
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Have you x rays or an MRI.

clicking in your back or hip can be a sign of mechanical problems in your spine. Its usually caused by the sudden separation of the convex disk from its concave seat in the vertebrae much like a suction cup being pulled off a pane of glass. The same goes for your hip the concave ball of the femur separates slight from the cup is sits in on the pelvis. Motions between the bones are usually highly synchronized.

When the mechanics of the body are out of whack the bones that couple together to form a joint move in a different direction causing the joint to separate a little this causes a lot of strain on the joints.

My guess is you have abnormal curvature of your spine at some level.
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