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My lower back started hurting about a month ago. Since then, it's moved to my left hip/glute and it hurts to sit for any length of time, esp. in the car. When I walk, sometimes it sends a sharp pain down my hamstring, which also hurts when I try to bend down, as if to touch my toes, and when mowing or walking. My back doesn't hurt as much now, except if I'm raising straight up from lying on my stomach or if I sneeze. I noticed this week that there's a sort of knot, that moves on my left glute, when I tried to stretch my hip over our foam roller. Any suggestions? Could this be a sciatic nerve issue or pulled hamstring?
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First Helper unclesteve

replied April 4th, 2012
Allison - I'm not a doctor, but this sounds to me like a pretty clear case of a herniated disc in your lumbar spine. Fairly common. This can be confirmed with an MRI. Hopefully you start to feel better soon.
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replied April 5th, 2012
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Not a doctor either. It does sound like an issue with your disc/sciatic nerve. I doubt it is a pulled hamstring with the back pain.

I have a herniated disc L4-5 , and I have pain in my calf muscle. I describe it , at times, as feeling like I have a hot wire shoved through the muscle.

I was told I get that knot from limping. That causes the muscle to bunch up.

Hope you are lucky and it is just a bulging disc, not a rupture.
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