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Lower back and radiating pelvis pain

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Hello my name is matthew Price im a 27 year old australian surfer and im experiencing trouble and pain with my lower back and pelvic area.

It started last year after a surfing accident in France, where my right hip was pushed outward and then i was smashed into the sand.

I went home and had an MRI: the results are below

The marrow signal intensity of the lumbar vertebral bodies appear normal with normal signal intensity from the posterior arch elements. The alignment appears normal.
The intervertebral disc at L3/4 level shows desiccation. The disc height is maintained. The other intervertebral discs are of normal height and signal intensity.
The lower end of the spinal cord is visualised and it appears to end at the level of the 12th dorsal vertebra. The cauda equina appears normal.
T12/L1, L1/2 and L2/3: The disc at these levels show no significant bulge or protrusion. The thecal sac and bilateral neural foramina appear normal.
L3/4: There is disc desiccation with a very mild circumferential bulge of the annulus fibrosus causing minimal indentation of the thecal sac. Bilateral facet joints are normal. The neural foramina are within normal limits on both sides.
L4/5: The disc appears normal with no significant bulge or protrusion. Mild bilateral facet arthropathic changes are seen. The neural foramina are within normal limits on both sides.
L5/S1: At the L5 level there is evidence of a defect in the partes interarticulares. No evidence of listhesis. Bilateral mild facet arthropathic changes are seen at the L5/S1 level. The thecal sac is normal. The neural foramina are within normal limits on both sides.
CONCLUSION: Spondylolysis of the 5th lumbar vertebra with no evidence of listhesis. Mild facet arthropathic changes at L4/5 and L5/S1 levels.

After witch i was told that the pain should go just rest and exercise for 3 months.

I am experiencing pain in my lower back, pelvic area, pubic bone and hips. and it seem to just be getting worse.

I think there is a deeper underlying problem because sometimes it feels loose and week. and i get a lot of popping and cracks.

Please help me i am so confused and not sure where to go from here. All i wont it to be able to surf again.

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replied June 1st, 2013
Active User, very eHealthy
You are right to be concerned. How long ago did your accident in France occur the reason I ask is that you have osteoarthritis in your facet joints which takes some time to develop so your accident may have aggravated your condition rather than be the cause of it.

So you have mild degenerative joint disease and disk disease in your spine as well as an abnormality of the bottom vertebrae in your spine. Do you know if you have any curvature problems such as scoliosis in your spine. You don't have anything that is treated with surgery at the moment.
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