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Lower abdominal pain

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Ok so I have been having some pain in my lower abdomen all day today. There is a slight discomfort there all the time, but it is barrable. It gets worse when I bend over, or cough or sneeze or something and when I use the bathroom.

It is sort of a deep pain, felt in the lower middle abdominal area, below the navel; the area is slightly tender to the touch too ... really hurt when my dog jumped on me.

Then my husband and I had sex earlier this evening and it hurt pretty bad with the deep thrust. So we only did that the once Wink

I have had a kidney stone before; at first I thought that might be what this was, but the pain is more localized than that from a kidney stone and I have no bathroom problems.

I read some stuff online and found that there are lots of things this sort of pain could be caused from. I guess I am just gonna wait and see how I feel after the weekend, but I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced similar symptoms and might have a better idea what this could be.

Thanks in advance Smile
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replied July 1st, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Perhaps you should see your doctor about this. There are many possibilities for the pain and you need a complete workup to rule out the cause. My first inclination was that it sounds like a hernia. Go see your doctor and get the appropriate tests done.
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replied July 7th, 2008
Thanks; I still don't know what was causing this pain, but it went away the day after I posted this and I have not had any other issues since.
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