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lower abdominal pain and blood in stool

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I'm 21yrs old and having abdominal pain below the umbilical line. my stool is soft n number of motions per day is 2-3 times.
I can see red thin pin like structures in my stool which float on water. but my stool routine examination report says NO frank blood or RBC is present. there is abdominal pain below the umbilicus line before sensation of defeacation which lasts fr sometime after defeacation.
I have history of occasional rectal bleeding wit pain while defeacating which get cured with medication n local application of ointment in d anal region (fr d past 2yrs).
I don't have any complaints of constipation n presently my stool is soft.

I read abt colorectal cancer which makes me worried fr myself !! plz help! I hv my final exams ahead n this worry dsnt let my concentrate!

the following things wera found to b PRESENT in my last routine examination of stool which ws done 15 days back:-
Mucus - Trace
pus cells - 1-2 /HPF
starch present
veg cell present
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