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Lower abdominal and right flank pain

Misdiagnosis by the ER MD?
Correct diagnosis, but they missed something
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Alrighty, I've been to the emergency room already and they diagnosed me with epididymitis. Now then, I was prescribed doxycycline at 100mg for 10 days, twice daily just in case it is an infection of the epididymis. To be honest, I think I was misdiagnosed. The ER did no actual lab tests other than for checking for blood in my urine, to determine if I had kidney stones or a urinary tract infection. I have since had increased symptoms, after having taken a total of five of the doxycycline capsules. I went to see a specialist today and also decided to take advantage of the Internet to see if I can't come up with a simple solution.

Recent Symptoms:

-A sudden feeling of the face being warm, almost as if I have a fever, present for several weeks prior to any other symptom here. Might be unrelated, but this was after my trip across the country (see below for details).
-Minor swelling in the right testicle
-Minor pain in the right testicle, in the back
-No visible blood in urine, ejaculate, or stool
-Minor cold sweats after having taken 2 and 3 antibiotic capsules, none after 4
-Minor lower abdominal pain, mostly right side
-Minor upper abdominal pain, mostly right side below where the ribs end
-Right flank pain, continues around back below the rib endings
-Both right and left hip pain after ejaculation, that dissipates after a few minutes
-Minor constipation since starting antibiotic treatment, likely a side effect
-No fever
-A realization of my inline when walking up even the most minor slopes. For some reason hills and such stand out to me quite a bit.
-Difficulty starting urination, no problem ending it, bladder empties
-Tightness on the right middle abdomen after urination, no pain

-No indication of urination, only urinating when I feel like I should have, in fear of water build up and water toxification from the body not knowing when I need to urinate. Likely this is me having anxiety about the whole situation. I'm able to urinate (visual approximation) 1/5 of the volume input of water within on average 55 minutes from consuming the entire drink. I've been drinking about 50 fluid ounces of water per day since having the onset of symptoms, in case this is an infection and in case of kidney stones.

Issues from before main symptom onset, present for years:

-Strong burning sensation in the stomach after consuming ketchup on an empty stomach. Other acidic foods also caused this, even lemon lime soda.

-Allergies to dust, which causes sinus pressure

-Allegra, 180mg, once daily
-Albuterol, metered dose, as needed (once or twice within the last two weeks)
-Xanax, 0.5mg, as needed (not within the last few weeks)
-Ibuprofen, 200mg, as needed (once every other day)
-Doxycycline, 100mg, twice daily for 10 days


-Heart rate at home rest, resting: 60 bpm to 65 bpm
-Heart rate at doctor's office, resting: 68 bpm to 72 bpm
-Blood pressure was good when checked at doctor's office
-Urine sampling for blood inconclusive at doctor's office, sent for lab analysis
-Urine sample sent for urine culture
-Full metabolic blood panel and white/red counts done, pending analysis
-Scheduled scrotal ultrasound and CT scan to check for renal stones
-Body temperature swings between 97.1F and 98.5F throughout the day
-Internal home temperature is roughly 60F
-Scrotal examination by MD was fine, on two occasions, no torsion.
-No burning during or after urination
-Prostate examination returned nothing of interest

-House had a fire suppression system pipe break, was recently in contact with rusty sprinkler water. House is being remodeled now, sheet rock dust and odors of primer throughout the home

-Prior to discovering listed symptoms, I traveled across the country (United States) to visit someone. Their home had well supplied water, showers were unfiltered but drinking was filtered with a reverse osmosis system. Shower water smelled strongly of sulfur.

-Additionally, I have in the past consumed a significant amount of sugar free soda. This soda contained artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame. On average, I had more than four or five canned and carbonated beverages per day. I urinated frequently. Recently all of this soda has been caffeine free.

-Anxiety is actually lower than normal. I have had a severe panic disorder for the past few months and due to present issues, I've been feeling less unwarranted panic and more that there is something wrong. I can tell the difference between real and fake fear.

-My location is Seattle, Washington, United States.
-My daily habits include sitting on my computer and writing software, from anywhere between a few minutes to several hours. Lately I have been going outside during the day just because I'm bored. I can't concentrate while on my computer, because I find myself on WebMD and I end up giving myself an annoying amount of anxiety. There are also workers here painting, and it smells horrible.

-Two months ago I weighed 180 lbs, today I weigh 150 lbs and it is consistently dropping. I have been eating less, but my exercise habits have not changed. I get minor nausea when I have not eaten for a significant portion of any given day, and food consumption fixes that sometimes. Other times, I feel like if I eat, I'll throw it back up. I have not vomited since having a panic attack during my trip across the country, and there was very little substance.

-I do not have a bed, and I sleep on my floor. Occasionally this has produced minor back pain for me, and this type of back pain is what I am experiencing today. It's just annoying, and ibuprofen fixes it up quite rapidly.

-Symptoms onset in order of the list above, starting on approximately 01/13/2010. Symptom changes are gradual, but are daily. The only day to day consistent symptoms are pain behind the right testicle and lower abdominal pain.

If any other information would be beneficial, please let me know. I know I sound like I have some pretty bad anxiety about all this, and that's because I do. I have a history of severe panic disorder and have been treated for it. I can very much so tell the difference between anxiety worry and realistic worry. Sure, not all of this information is absolutely relevant, but I feel that more information is always better. I will post the results of all tests once I receive them, unless I randomly end up dying of sepsis or something crazy. Sepsis has actually been the most unrealistic fear I've had so far, and that's because my symptoms line up with it pretty good. However, I have no externally visible discoloration or rashes, or anything scary.

I'm 250 lbs, I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, and I'm 19 years of age. I'm in otherwise good health and do not know of any existing medical problems other than an anxiety disorder and exercise induced asthma, along with my sinus allergies to dust and other particles in the air. My allergies set in during the winter and go away during the spring and summer, but they are being agitated by the recent work being done in my house.

Any input is great. My personal diagnosis is either a urinary tract infection without obvious bleeding, and possibly an inflamed prostate as well. Masturbation is fun, and I hear that this can agitate the prostate. It could also be an infection of something back there, in which case I hope that the doxycycline will take care of it.
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replied February 1st, 2010
Just an update. No urological problem exists according to a specialist. All testing returned with normal results including a CT and xray of the kidneys and abdomen. Urine culture returned no elevated white count or excessive bacteria. No blood found in urine. Everything is "fine". Symptoms persisted almost one week after ending the 10 day antibiotic treatment.

Additional symptoms that seem to be related but are improving:

- Feeling of excessive pressure in the penis during ejaculation. Especially when sitting upright.

- Difficulty having what seems to be a complete bowel movement, but that may be due to a reduced food intake and a not so high fiber diet.
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replied February 2nd, 2010
Some ideas
Is it possible you had some type of injury (car accident etc) to the lower abdomen on the right side (such as where the seatbelt crosses your hips) and have some type of abdominal swelling that is pushing things around? You might consider seeing a chiropractor. Since walking up hills is also bothering you and only on the right side it seems like it could be muscule-related (i.e. soft tissue will not show up on medical exams). Seems like your doctor tests ruled out a tumor or something creating new mass inside you and pushing things around. Mind you I am not a dr.
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replied August 29th, 2010
Unexplained Illnesses, pain, nerve damage, etc...
Check out Aspartame Poisoning PLEASE it is in EVERYTHING almost today from sugar free diet no sugar calorie...low fat...medicines/drugs...the list goes on and on...look for Sweet Poison or Aspartame and Nerve Damage...Praying for you~
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replied October 30th, 2015
How do you feel now? I have same symptoms now.Resumlts are normal but minor pain in right side always
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replied April 25th, 2019
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and I understand your concern.
These symptoms are due to urinary tract infection. Risk factor seems to be kidney stones.
I would suggest you ultrasound KUB and urinalysis.
I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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