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Low urine pressure

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Hi, I've been experiencing this urinal problem for the past year or so. Initially became aware of it when I started feeling wet in my underwear after urinating. The "last drop" in my case had started being rather large (about the size of a £2 coin). Because of this I had to stop wearing boxers.

About 2 months ago my GP briefly examined my prostate size and told me there's absolutely nothing to worry about and taught me this technique to press under the testicals manually at the end of urination. Yes this seems to empty the remainder of the urine fine, but I remain extremely uncomfortable with the low pressure of my urine. I need to spend a good minute every time and press my muscles with 5 seconds intervals to push the bloody thing out... I have no other symptoms as pain or urge to go more often than usual, but I sweat a lot when I walk for example.

i've been wondering if psychology plays a role or whether I should go and get tested anyhow..
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First Helper Bronx112

replied September 30th, 2009
sorry, forgot to mention Im 35yrs old
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