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low hemoglobin and low hematocrit

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Hi I am a 43 yr old male, weighing in at 162 lbs, height of 5' 10" I was worried about my sugar levels so I had bloodwork done, I just got my lab results back and saw my Dr. today ( it takes a month or longer to get in, I go to a free clinic) my hemoglobin was low @ 12.9 and my hematocrit was also low @ 39.2 he said I was anemic, are these vales real low and what could cause this, he ordered more bloodwork which includes another CBC w/Diff, ESR, IRON, TIBC, and B12 Folate, but I will not get to see the Dr or get bloodwork again for 6 weeks, everything else potassium, glucose, platelet count, etc was normal, the only other symptons I have are heavy fatigue at times (especially after large bowel movements or when I feel real full) for a few hours then it goes away, and some nausea at times when I eat lots of sweets, that is why I was concerned about my sugar levels was the nausea after eating sweets sometimes. Also some times I have tightenss and cramping of the stomach and only eat very little in the afternoon and sometime when I eat luch and feel this way I do not eat at all in the evening, I still fill full and bloated and fatigued, and it seems like I have more stomach pains/cramping more frequently especailly in the evening and nights now..

I might add and do not know if its related but a few times seems like once ever 2 months or so give or take (less now), I would get a chill (no fever, mostly it would wake me up at night) and feel as though I could not get warm and shake all over and be nauesaes also, would this be related in any way?
southern gentleman
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replied August 4th, 2009
You may have ulcers or gastritits..I love chocolate but can't eat it..I think it has to do with the greasyness of the chocolate..I am still going thoruhg tests myself.,
I do have the chills, no temp is normally around 97.5 and even a light breeze can make me chill..Do a run of temp checks over a week or so and be sure to note time of day and take this in the next time you go..You should be bale to go to the clinic and ask for copy of the lab results..

With cramping more at night you may want to make sure you sleep with extra pillows just in case you are having some gerd stuff going aure and let doc know about how you are the clinics nurse..just because you are going to a free clinic does not mean you cannot expect to be treated well..

I keep a heavy blanket at foot of of luck honey..
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replied January 17th, 2010
ask your doctor about ...
ask your doctor about hemochromatosis (hereditary/genetic iron overload disease)
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