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Low hanging scrotum skin beneath testicles/raised testicles?

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I'm 27. Average height and weight.

My testicles have either raised in the scrotum or my scrotum has lost elasticity and is hanging lower than my testicles.

Basically when I'm hot my scrotum hangs low as it should, however my testicles stay bunched up in the position they are in if they are cold.

A way to think of it is if you imagine a bag with two plums inside. Imagine the plums are held half way up the bag so the excess bag is hanging beneath.

When they are held up like this occasionally there is a visible bulge as if the epididymis at the bottom of the testicle is swollen. It makes the testicle take on an almost point like shape at the tip. This swelling seems to come and go. I may just be seeing the testicle at an angle I'm not used to.

-I've had an ultrasound which came back normal. So I'm more concerned with the ascended testicle hanging position / loose scrotum skin situation.

I tend to masturbate at least once a day from 40 mins to an hour. On top of this my girlfriend lives with me and we fool around a couple of times a week.

I've noticed when I masturbate I tense the muscles around my abdomen/groin area. Maybe the same muscles used to stop urination mid flow, I'm not 100% sure. I tense quite a lot during these up to an hour sessions...I'm wandering if maybe I could have damaged/overworked the muscles involved with pulling my scrotum (or testicles) up. Maybe not the cremaster muscle but another muscle that would effect it?

Please help me with this. I can't find any mention of this online. I've searched every term I can think of that describes loose scrotum skin underneath testicles or testicles being held high in the scrotum with nothing even coming close to what I'm describing.
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replied May 31st, 2013
i have this same problem....and i don't know what to do.....i threw up after seeing it this morning......i'm so scared.....
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