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Low blood sugar and low calcium - stress ?

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About 2 weeks ago at work I started feeling really tired after lunch. I went to bed early as I wanted to have an early night except I couldn't sleep. My heart was racing, I could hear my blood flow in my head and dispite being tired I just couldn't go to sleep. My skin was itchy and I was sweating a lot. I really felt awful.
I went to work the next day. I was shaking. I took 1/2 day holiday and wanted to go to sleep and yet same thing and it went on for 3 days. Whenever I managed to doze off I would have terrible nightmares. I went to see my GP as I was worried something may be wrong with me. My mum had thyroid problems. I thought maybe I was having problem with it too. Anyway the doc gave me a blood test to do blood counts, glucose and calcium and thyroid. I did the blood test on tuesday and on thursday I had a call from my surgery telling me I needed to come in as my blood results should my blood sugar was too low. I thought that made a lot of sense as I have been having lately where if I don't eat anything for more thn 3 or 4 hours I feel shaky, confused and light headed. I have ulcerative colitis so I know I don't absorb nutrients as well as I should. Anyway this morning I went to see the GP again. He told me this time my blood sugar was 4...low but acceptable. On the other hand he told me my calcium level was too low. Now this is bad news for me as I have oestogenis imperfecta too (brittle bones disease). Anyway when I asked what the doctor what was wrong, he said he didn't know and it was possibly stress related. Could stress really make my calcium level go below normal? I am sceptical and worried that he is missing something else. I have taken strong meds like steroids, azathioprine, maybe my kidneys or my pancreas are not working well? I had never seen this GP at my surgery before. I am worried and none the wiser as to what is going on.
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replied November 4th, 2009
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Stress could be aggravating one of your conditions, but I would still seek a second-opinion about this. Low calcium levels can be a symptom of a bigger problem.
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