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Low back pain to right of spine at beltline in healthy 25yo male

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Hi guys!

I'm an active an in-shape 25-year-old male. Over the past two years, I have had low back pain. I can't think of any one particular incident that caused it, such as falling or twisting.

The pain is about at belt-level and is slightly to the right of the spine. I have tried to locate the sore spot by feeling with my hands, but the back isn't sore to the touch.

The pain is greatest when bending down (such as to pick something up off the floor) or when doing a back extension type exercise It also hurts a lot if I'm lying on my stomach with my head up and my back extended, such as if I'm reading a book or typing on my laptop.

I have had an x-ray by my primary care physician, and he said it didn't show anything of note.

I don't smoke or drink, and like I said, I'm pretty active -- into sports and working out. I do spend a lot of time sitting at my computer, though.

The pain isn't really bad enough to keep me from doing anything, as I still play sports such as volleyball and softball, and I also lift weights and run. It is just a nagging pain that seems to always be around, even if I do nothing in the way of physical activity.

I'm trying to get a sense of what the likely problem here is. Or, really, I'd be happy with just resolving the pain, even if I never pinpoint the exact cause. sunny

So I guess I'm wondering if anybody has any insight as to either what kind of injury this likely is, or what I could try to alleviate it. I have tried all sorts of different stretching techniques, but none seem to really hit the spot, so to speak.

Thanks for reading this! Hoping to fix this thing once and for all! doctor
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