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low back pain right side

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I accidentally throw my back when I bend over to pick a audio adapter from my stereo and the pain seems to take on my right thigh by making it stiff.
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replied December 5th, 2011
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For relief of your immediate symptoms you can try:
1) Hot packs to relax the muscles.
2) Do a Google search for "Static Back Position".

To avoid injury in the future, practice good lifting technique.
1) You should "hinge at the hips". (Do a Google search.)
This keeps an arch in the lower back.

Instead of "bending forward at the waist" which rounds the lower back.
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replied April 22nd, 2012
It just be Kadamh muscle in the back right, but not disease Do not worry about anything it is very normal Shahu exposed to throw something strongly or filed Mbeshrah but I Ahzrk of weightlifting at once, they can cause problems in the spine and further information go to enter this site, it Dr world renowned surgeon and explaining all things Thank you.
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