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low back pain from epidural years later?

I have had back pain for about 4 years now. I had an epidural when i had my first babygirl in 2007. When they performed the epidural my legs were twiching i experienced a headache like never before. I also noticed i had a huge bruise in my low back side where the epidural was placed. At the time i thought this was normal until i had my second babygirl. I had the epidural again, this time no leg twitching, no headache, no bruise. So i have a feeling that the first epidural was the cause of my back pain.

My low pain pain in the area of l4 and l5. That area is sensative to the touch, any kind of pressure brings me to tears. I have had physical and massage therapy. Tried the weight lost program, used 10's- units and anti-inflamation pills. Nothing has worked. My massage therapist has let me know she has never seen so much heat come from a specific place like mine.

I have learned to cope with the pain. But for the last copy of weeks i have experieced right leg numbness, like a needle poke that will not go away. With a little research i have found out that the leg numbness might be connected to my low back pain and they both show areas of l4 and l5.

What treatments can i try next? What is causing my pain? Should i try the cordazone shot? Mri?
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replied April 14th, 2011
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replied July 27th, 2013
Epidural in Childbirth
I had 2 epidurals with both my children's births, my second child being born 19 years ago. Since his birth I have been in pain daily, cannot lay on my back, my front, cannot arch my back, have a sore area too just above my lower back and often 'put my back out' by moving incorrectly. Mornings are the worst.

This second epidural hurt like hell when it went in, and pain shot down my right leg. When I had contractions, I only felt them in my right hip. After the birth, the epidural took 8 hours to wear off.

I've had acupuncture, physio, chiropractic treatment, am not overweight (am slim), exercise and still I suffer daily. The only thing I've felt some relief from is yoga.

I've never had any diagnosis confirmed.
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