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lots of pain and hot and cold sweats during this time.


I had a medical pill abortion but I was told that I would not bleed after taking the first tablet, it is just to loosen the pregnancy. I took the pill the monday and was told to take the other pill the wednesday but the tuesday afternoon at about 4pm I started bleeding heavily with clots and something that looked like a fetus also came down. I also had lots of pain and hot and cold sweats during this time. I don't know what happend? Even though that happened I still took the rest of the pills but not sure if it was necessary for it or not seen that I bled so heavy the tuesday? Can you please advise what happened and if I was suppose to take the rest of the tablets or not?

I would also like to know how safe the Loop is and if it is a good choice for contreception? I am really considering putting this in as I do not want to fall pregnant again and doctors do not want to sterilise me as they say I am too young? I have to be 30 or older?

Please advise

Thanks in advance
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replied November 28th, 2012
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You should be talking to your doctor. This is an abortion debate board, not the place to go looking for medical advice.
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