Help!!! I'm freaking out and the doctor I trust is on vacations!!!

My period started normally for two days. Then suddenly the blood turns all black, with several small clusters. Normal amounts of blood, but black/dark brown. This went on for 3,5 days (I have a 6 day period). Now it looks like ending, but I have some low-intensity cramps (I barely ever have cramps at the beginning, let alone at the end).

Could it be tied to the problems I had before it happened? The past month was the worst, as I had white vaginal secretions, then an e.coli infection from a public toilet (successfully treated), then the white secretions remained. My gynecologist told me to go for a re-check after my period, so that's where I am. The thing is, although he's the only one I've found to cover me while my regular is away, I don't think I can rely on him for something serious. He told me that black blood is never worrisome, but I'm not that sure...

So, in all honesty... how bad may it be?
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replied July 8th, 2017
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Black or brown flow is blood that was exposed to air for a while (older blood). It is not unusual to see that with the clotting you are describing, and getting the cramps with it is also not unusual.

Most women will get a few cycles where they have cramping, clotting and even larger parts of the uterus lining coming out. This is often accompanied by dark blood.

This is seldomly serious or a problem. But if it keeps on happening month after month, it may be time to see your doctor for a checkup.

Take care
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replied July 10th, 2017
Many thanks for your reply! It really helped me to calm down Smile
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