I am really scared because about a week ago, i lost my virginity but it only lasted about ten seconds because we had no protection. But now I am getting paranoid because I am only fourteen and even though he said that he did not ejaculate- I think thats how you spell it, I am still worried... just in case.
i no I am stupid to do it without protection, but i do not know what to do?
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replied March 25th, 2008
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At this point, there is really nothing you can do except for wait it out and see if you are. Even though he did not ejaculate, all boys produce a substance called precum. This can contain sperm that can get you pregnant, and a guy has no control over when he has precum and usually cannot feel it and tell.

If you are ever stuck in this situation again, there is a pill called Plan B that you can take. You have to be 18 or older to get it from a pharmacy, so you would have to talk to a trusted friend/adult of that age. However, if you have a planned parenthood near you that you could get to, they will give out Plan B without you having to be 18. If taken within 72 hours, it'll help to prevent unwanted pregnancy more.

I would wait until your missed period, or until 14 days from when you had sex and take a pregnancy test. Do not worry; if you are pregnant there are many options (abortion, adoption, and keeping the baby), so if you are not ready for a baby yet you can still work something out.

I know it is scary, but there is not much else you can do except for wait and learn from this experience and get some condoms next time (or if you are planning on regularly having sex, think about going on birth control. Planned parenthood will do this without parental consent, or if you are worried about telling your parents you could always say you want to go on birth control because you have really bad periods and it helps regulate them or you want it to control acne or something).
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