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Lost sense of smell and MRI / CT scan are negative

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I've had a loss of sense of smell (I'd guess 85%) and some loss of taste (50%) starting about 6-7 months ago and more pronounced (but stabilized) now. After visiting my ENT who ruled out nasal polyps, I've had an MRI w/contrast and a CT scan w/o contrast...both were negative. My ENT says he can't really do much else for me, though he did suggest trying to re-train my sense of smell by sniffing things having different and distinctive scents. From the beginning, I suspected maybe a long-term reaction to my cholesterol and blood pressure meds (lipitor & a diuretic). Also (and this is really reaching), last fall I was really sick for several days after I got a flu shot and a pneumonia shot at the same time.
I'd appreciate and feedback and suggestions about what else I might try. Thanks.
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