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Lost insurance AFTER approved surgery...

I was recently laid off but instead of getting a monetary severance I got to keep my insurance for a couple of months because I had a small out-patient surgery to take care of. The Doctor called my insurance provider to approve the surgery because I told them I couldn't afford it ($5k) unless it was covered. My insurance provider approved everything. I paid my co-pay and had everything taken care of. Now this was in April. One week after the surgery my former employer canceled my insurance and was allowed to put in the cancellation date of January. Is that legal? Now the insurance company is saying that the surgery happened after my loss of insurance even though the surgery was approved by them and it happened while my coverage was valid. Is this all legal? Do I have any ground to stand on here? Thanks!
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replied August 26th, 2010
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Was there anything put in writing from your employer that in lieu of a severance package that your medical insurance would be extended to a certain date?

Have you spoke with your now ex employer about this? Maybe they made an honest error in providing insurance coverage termination date.

Were you offered COBRA?

When was your last day of employment and the date of your surgery?

Depending on your might want to seek the help of an attorney.

Again, it could be an honest mistake...but then again...

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