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Loss of sensation in my clitoris

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Decrease in sensitivity of the clitoris/vagina?
Yes, during stressful times in life.
Yes, for no apparent reason in 20s.
Yes, for no apparent reason in 30s.
Yes, for no apparent reason in 40s.
Yes, during/after menopause.
Yes, because of poor health or vaginal, reproductive heath issues.
Yes, During a long term relationship.
no, never.
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100%  100%  [ 1 ]
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Hello and help!!!

I have been masturbating since i was about 13 and have never had any trouble reaching orgasm. I had my first orgasm with a man before i was twenty and have had a very healthy and satisfying sex life until now (im 27).

Over the past year i have noticed a BIG decrease in my clitoral sensitivity teamed with vaginal dryness, even when very turned on. This in not a libido problem, i have a fantastic boyfriend who i am incredibly attracted to and i have a great appetite for sex with him, we never had any troubles before. I simply can NOT FEEL ANYTHING through my clitoris anymore. I now very rarely orgasm, its as if the area is numb... its equally as hard with masturbation (which always used to be so easy). Im also very unusually dry, i do not experience the usual wetness that accompanies me when i used to get turned on. This is very frustrating for me and my partner.

I am happy and healthy, i dont believe that this is stress or circumstance related, instead it feels like physical or possibly a nerve problem...??? nor do i feel like i have damaged it with 'over use' or vibrator use, which i never really did very often anyway (i have tried with a vibrator recently to see if it would have any effect, but it doesn't, which is what got me worried, because i would cum in 30 seconds with a vibrator the rare few times i did use it!).

Am i missing any vitamins? is this common? could there be nerve damage? any advice or pointers on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

All the best n x Embarassed
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replied November 18th, 2011
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If it is nerve problems, it is normally not permanent damage, but just some numbing. This can even be caused by extremely tight pants or string underwear. It is easy to solve - avoid stimulation to your clitoris for 2 or 3 weeks. The nerves will 'reset' themselves. It does however not sound like it is a problem of hard or over stimulation.

It does however sound like you can have a hormonal imbalance. The fact that you are also complaining of dryness is a good indication of that. Speak to your ObGyn. Endo and PCOS also needs to be ruled out.

Best of luck!
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replied April 17th, 2012
Hi there, I have the same problem. I used to be able to orgasm very quickly and now its nothing. I have felt this way for a year and half now..its so frustrating and I miss having mind blowing orgasms.

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