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loss of feeling in penis

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Helloo, i like to masturbate, a good amount. And what i feel like has started to happen is that i have lost alot of the feeling and sensation in my penis. I am very sexually active and it has even gotten to the point where i will put my penis in the vagina and i wont be able to feel much in there, and go soft. What do i do? I love sex, and blowjobs and everything, but i just cant even feel them anymore. I feel like its from masturbating to much or to rough...i really need that feeling back. Rolling Eyes Its also even when i masturbate ill start to get soft because theres no feeling on the outside?
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replied August 13th, 2009
pls notify me of the reply too. I have a similar problem, but mine has been on for over 12 months!
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replied November 25th, 2010
Come again?
You need to think of masturbating as training. How you usually masturbate is going to reflect what turns you on, mentally and physically.

The lack of sensation you are feeling is a build up of scar tissue within the penis. You need to be more gently with your play and give your nerve endings a chance to repair themselves with the surrounding scar tissue build up.

Try using lots of lubrication, just your fingertips and go slowly. Find where you do still have sensation and stimulate these regions gently.

As an alternative you may want to consider the number one complaint from women, four play. Maintaining an erection is a combination of mental and physical acts. Try exploring other regions to achieve sensation.

If the problem persists you may want to consider consulting your physician. You may have a swollen, irritated or blocked prostate causing the issue.
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