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loss of confidence, grumpy husband

Hi everyone.
We have been married for 14 years, i married at 18 him at 19. Hes always been a grumpy bear.
We have 4 children which i homeschool with no support except phone text from far away friends.

I was raised in a dysfunctional home, so feel ive got off quite lightly, but i am struggling. He yells at the children, our 6 year old little guy has such a sensitive spirit and he is scared of his dad. I recently asked him to help with reading (firsddt time ive asked)and our little guy was jittering, hoping not to stuff it up.

My hubby is now a cop and well suited to the job, he has recently changed roles in there which is a lot less stressful on the work front. but as always he comunicates by yelling. hes done it from the start.only been a cop 3 years.

my confidence is so low,and although he supports the decision to homeschool there is no interaction with the children. Im getting anxious when i expect him home and im starting to look for oportunites to go out when he is here.i love him but i hate his behaviour.

i am a very patient person, but im really running out of steam. The children are starting to retaliate now they are getting older, yet generally when he isnt here it is peaceful. I do have a strong belief in marriage, but i also know that he has got away with too much and it is only because of my past that i am still with him, he knows this.

yesterday mothers day i asked him, please can we have a day with no yelling. a nice day. i had to ask him several times. we had a lovely day. we were watching videos and he had plans, they yelling erupted again and instead of a lovly evening i went to bed sad again and children in tears.

my times on the couch seem to be getting more regular as i find im needing space.
Any advice please
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replied May 18th, 2008
I really think that you need to put your foot down for the cause of children, being raised in a dysfunctional role you will know the importance of a normal childhood and what role it plays in shaping the future. I think you need to talk to your hsband, maybe being a single earning member the responsibilities are bogging him down . As you said you got married earlier, so maybe tahts the cause..whatever may be the underlying reason, on the surface you need to solve it for the kids sake. Can looking for a job for yourself help the cause or is it too much with 4 kids to manage?

if the advice dosent help..just shout your concern. We all are here to help you.
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