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Loss of appetite/unable to sleep well/feeling uneasy

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Hello there, roughly three weeks ago, my body started trembling during the middle of the night (I didn't feel cold, nauseous, or feverish) It's only happened twice, but I started to develop anxiety symptoms because of it. I paid a visit to the doctor, who told me I may be overthinking - and recommended some anti-anxiety medication (Ativan) However, due to concerns about its addictive side effects and my mother's pleas, I declined to go through with the prescription.

I turned 19 years old a week ago (May 29th), and the trembling episode began since May 17th. Before then, I got an ear irrigation to treat tinnitus due to excessive earwax blockage. It was my first time getting an ear irrigation. I can hear much more clearly and loudly, but I don't think my brain is used to the noise.

I'm normally not an anxious or depressed person. Unfortunately, I don't eat as healthy as I should- and am overweight. I can be paranoid and obsessive as well. I've never taken drugs or alcohol. My family doesn't have a history of medical problems.

What happened before the symptoms appeared:

- I remember doing some yardwork, and accidentaly inhaled a whiff of lawn fertilizer/moss killer product when I opened the bag (just the powder, not the solid stuff)
-I also remember walking through the forest, and a raindrop fell directly onto my eye.

Here are my symptoms:

- Lack of appetite (although I once start eating, I usually finish the meal) (I can drink water fine).
- Unable to sleep well during the night (waking up on and off)
- Conciously controlling my breathing (through the nose)
- Thinking about death.
- Reduced sense of smell (perceived)
- Feeling "out of it", emotionally numb, anxious, and restless
- Unsatsifying sleep.
- Rapid heartbeat during sleep.
- Waking up sweating after sleep.
- Can hear my heartbeat through the ear when laying on my side.
- Constipation (infrequent bowel movements, when there is - the stools are tiny & soft (yellowish))
- Blood in the left nostril (usually during the morning and afternoon), when dabbing it with tissue/toilet paper. Stops after awhile - traces of dark blood. No blood in right nostril.
- Obsessing about my body and checking arms, hands, and chest.
- Unable to relax, feeling uneasy.

After doing a blood test, the doctor reported nothing out of the ordinary except for a slightly higher cholestrol count than normal. But I still haven't relaxed, and have fears my symptoms may be neurological. I'm still feeling uneasy and frequently research online (not recommended, I know) - and I have worries that I might be suffering from a pituitary tumor. Do I have some sort of severe Hypochondriac symptoms? What should I do?
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